Them: Women made to become comfort women - South Korea

During the Sino-Japanese war Korean women with Japanese women were sent to comfort stations which the Japanese military set up in various places of occupied China.

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‘Comfort Women’ Statue in San Francisco Leads a Japanese. A long-running dispute between South Korea and Japan was reignited by a memorial for women who were sex slaves during World War II.

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Comfort Women Monuments - Click here for interesting article about the statues & their artists. From Wikipedia: 'Comfort women were women and girls forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial.

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Why Korean Professor Believes Comfort Women Were Not Sex. 'The Japanese military forcibly kidnapped Korean women in order to use them as comfort women? That's such a stupid thing to say.' Here is why they became comfort women.

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Who were the Comfort Women?-The Establishment of Comfort. The comfort stations were first established at the request of the Japanese military authorities, as part of war efforts in China. According to military documents.

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